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When you are a caregiver, you know that everyday you will touch a life or a life will touch yours!!

Stephanie ID Badge pic.jpeg


"Working at Maria’s Home Care Companions is like one big family. I’ve never worked somewhere where everyone works together in such a lovely way and where care really is the highest priority."

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"After 16yrs in childcare I decided to change my career and become a carer and I absolutely love my job!!

I've had emergencies to deal with, including calling ambulances, I've always felt supported. I find this job so rewarding and knowing I have an amazing team of managers and colleagues to call on in an instant is also really valuable to me."

Emma Carr staff pic.jpeg


"I worked for Maria’s around 6 years ago and left to continue a full time career in childcare. However when the opportunity arose to apply for a available position, I jumped at it. Returning to Maria’s Home Care Companions was the best thing I did. It’s an honour to work for a company where caring really is at the forefront of everything. The team are so supportive and encouraging, they are always there to help."


"Maria's offers the best support and training I have ever received, plus all the other staff members work together as a team and there is always someone there for me."


"I find my job very rewarding knowing that we are keeping our clients in their own homes!!"


"The clients are special in so many ways, we learn from them everyday..... As a team we support each other. There is always someone to help, support, laugh and cry with, not every care company can say that."



" I like working for Maria's, it has a good support network and there is always someone to listen regardless if it is work related or not."



"Working at Maria's is so rewarding. Not only because we are all very much supported on a daily basis and have developed some real life long friends, but mainly due to the way we provide meaningful care for the community. Knowing that someone is not lonely or needing anything and that their family or loved ones have support to lighten the burden." 

Isla Reid-Hoad Staff Pic.jpg


"I love being a carer because it's so much more than what people think. It is forming bonds with people from all walks of life and allowing them to be as independent as they can. Working for a company where the main priority is to ensure the clients are taken care of exactly how they want." 

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