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MARIE is retiring

_One of our wonderful, fun, kind, and gentle carers has decided to retire.... the lovely

Marie O’Brine aka Tess!_

I will never forget a year and half ago when Marie stopped and looked at a post in our window whilst doing her daily walk from saltdean around to Rottingdean. Marie was her usual softly spoken polite self with no confidence that she would be able do this job but thought,oh blow it, I’m just going to ask anyway. Well I am so glad she did Marie, as I am sure you will all agree, Marie turned out to be one of the most kindest, professional, organised, knowledgeable carer and yet even to date, Marie doesn’t stop thanking us for giving her a chance. No Marie, we thank you for being you 🤩

We do like to throw new staff in to the deep end (a good chance to see if they have what it takes) so we gave Marie a lady who was young and extremely fit but sadly suffered with dementia. I warned Marie, this lady likes to walk and we find it’s a good distraction for her. “Oh that’s fine Marie said”. The afternoon came and Marie came to the office begging for plasters, her poor feet were covered in blisters, the ballet pumps without socks was not a great idea for walking to Brighton and back. 😂 I guess Marie was thinking a walk around the village was all this lady was going to manage! 😂

Marie went on to be in demand by all of the clients she went to, she had a strong bond with 3 clients in particular and was a key worker for one of these. I am sure Marie would never have seen herself get to this position and to be able to lead other carers , but we could see Marie’s natural talent for caring the moment we met her.

We have watched as Marie celebrated becoming a grandmother to the gorgeous Teddy but Marie ensured her clients got involved in this joy and would take the famous Teddy around to her clients for a cuddle 🥰 the amount of joy that brought them was immense. (All risk assessed and permission granted of course!) Marie was able to go along with being known as Tess. (Due to a client insisting this was her name) now we all know Marie as Tess 😂.

If Tess could find anyway of bringing joy to her clients she would, in one instance she found her client a new best friend called Colin (the seagull) who they would feed and talk to at her visits. (Simple things but brought so much joy to her client)

Marie would be the one taking part in the silly Xmas hat antics that went on. This is because Marie got so much joy from seeing her clients smile and laugh.

Marie was a golden student completing all her training, after each course she would thank me for being given the opportunity to learn. This is the type of attitude that makes Marie special.

Sadly we have watched as Marie had to deal with a personal troubling time of late and I know this has made Marie think differently about her own life and how she must spend quality time with her precious family. We were there with Marie all the way checking in on her and we hope Marie knew she had friends within her colleagues to talk to. That’s what makes us here so exclusive. We have the best team.

Although I wished Marie walked through our door 5 years ago, I am grateful for the year and half that we did have Marie and I am still preying that one day after a good break Marie may miss us so much that she will do the odd shift here that there 😉 🤞🏼

Marie’s letter to us informing us of her retirement was overwhelming. And I know you all think I’m a hard shell to break! Well I this letter did have me in tears. I am so glad you were happy here with us and we appreciate your wonderful feedback towards us all management, admin and carers.

I am sorry we cannot have a celebration party due to Covid, but hopefully by Xmas we will be able to party again, you will be coming to that by the way 😊.

From all of us ...THANK YOU Marie/Tess.

We will miss you.

Enjoy your retirement xxxxx

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