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elderly man and home care companion

"I can highly recommend Maria in offering a first class service in provide support.


My very elderly parents were initially very nervous about accepting help and support however Maria’s calm and professional manner has won their confidence and she is now able to offer a professional service to help them when they most need it.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Maria’s services."


"Maria has also supported  my elderly mother herself as a companion whilst I have been on holiday.


She has been left alone in the house to carry out her duties and lock up after she leaves. I find her pleasant, trustworthy and punctual."


"Please can you pass my thanks to the companion who has been visiting Mrs X.

I visited today and I am so pleased with the progress she has made!

I was overjoyed! I have been working with Mrs X for quite some time and made no progress with other cleaning services.

Mrs X is very happy with her companion and the work that she has done.

Many thanks"

Katy Curtis

Care Manager

Care Link Plus- Living Well Project

"Maria’s Home Care Companions provided companionship and cleaning for my elderly father from early January to late May 2018, when he had to transfer to a care home.

I was initially nervous about which agency to go with. Others seemed on the face of it more flexible about things like minimum visit times, but I realised very soon that Maria’s team, after having assessed Dad, were absolutely right to insist on the minimum they did (I was a bit in denial at that point, I guess) – they are very competitive on price, but they take pride in the care they provide, and won’t compromise to get custom.  

All Dad’s carers from that agency were, without exception, wonderful. Dad’s mobility was very limited and he was (although we didn’t know it then) starting to succumb to dementia, so he was quite depressed. They all seemed to build a bond with him very quickly and his voice became uncharacteristically warm and engaged when he talked about them. His main carer in particular did the jobs I was paying her to do, very quickly, reliably and competently, but, more to the point, you could see that she really cared about him. She used to sing to him to cheer him up, and ring me with suggestions for e.g. creams that might help his itchy skin.

My dad’s last year with us was mostly a sad time, watching him decline physically and mentally, and I felt at my wits’ end sometimes, trying to juggle the demands of work, family, and the ever-increasing care demands. I honestly could not have managed without Maria’s team; when they were with Dad I really felt that I didn’t have to worry and micromanage everything; and that I could trust his carer to make the same decisions, and take the same care, that I would (while being infinitely sweeter-tempered!). Maria herself was always available at the end of a phone and, if any of her carers couldn’t turn up, she herself would turn out at a moment’s notice, at unsociable hours, to help. Nothing was too much trouble.

In short, I would recommend Maria’s team unreservedly to anyone looking for help with anyone they care about."

"We are surprised and very impressed

a carer was able to stay with him until we arrived and that medication and a bag was packed ready. Where do you work? The carer replied Marias Homecare Companions and they responded oh yes of course! Paramedics." 


"I don’t know what i would have done without Maria, she has been so Kind and caring, helping me when I’ve had no one else."


"All of the carers are lovely and are a godsend to me as I couldn't cope without them. She wouldn't have been able to stay in her own home for as long as she has without their support so they are invaluable to her."


"we laugh and share stories and the time just flies by."

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