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How is Maria's Home Care keeping you covid safe

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

*We continue to do weekly PCR and LFT testing on all staff.

*Should any staff have any signs or symptoms of covid they will be asked to stay at home and isolate until they receive a negative PCR test, following gov guidelines.

*We continue to wear full PPE at all calls as per gov guidelines - as well as vigorous infection control management. Our carers are helping their service users by wiping down door handles and services when they visit with disinfectant.

* All staff that are safe to have the covid vaccination are doing so. Almost all of our staff are double vaccinated and many have now had their booster.

* Should any service user have any symptoms of covid we will act immediately to make a bubble of carers for that service user to ensure the carers are only visiting the symptomatic service user to avoid any possible spread of the virus.

* We keep our staff updated on all current guidelines and training. They all have extensive knowledge from the news updates and can answer any questions their service users may have.

* We have contingency plans in place to ensure all vulnerable service users will be visited should we become in a crisis due to lack of staff caused by isolation rules.

* We will assist our service users with getting to their vaccination centres.


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